Albania Students Block Campus in Tuition Fee Row

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November 7  

Students blocked the entrance to the Polytechnic University of Tirana on Monday, in protest against a hike in tuition fees in public colleges.

Gjergj Erebara


Students block the entrance of the Polytechnic University

Students blocked the main entrance of the university campus in Tirana’s Mother Teresa Square, refusing to let in academics or workers and preventing lessons from taking place on Monday.

Chanting “We are students, not customers,” the students said the “occupation” was a response to a government decision on October 15th, which raised tuition fees.

Klodi Leka, one of the organizers, demanded removal of the payment in advance of 30 per cent of the enrollment tariff, and the extra tariffs sought for repeat exams, amongst others.

The students say the government is punishing public universities by limiting enrolment quotas, increasing fees and imposing other obligations, which they say do not apply to private universities that offer the same courses.

Last Friday, the students blocked lessons at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tirana.

“It’s not us students that are blocking the university,” the students said in a statement on social networks on Friday. “The university is being blocked by unfair education policies, and we call for their immediate annulment.”