The curious trend of Albania double seat toilets

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April 4  

Many saw the Sochi toilets with double seats and made fun.

But in Albania since several years now, especially in the countryside, there is a growing trend of locally designed double toilets.

The curious trend of Albania double seat toilets


This strange toilet belongs to a roadside restaurant in the village of Mezez, 10 km from Tirana, and it is not the only case.

Although this may look strange, it is still more explainable than the Sochi toilets. This is the place where West meet East and this kind of Clash of Civilizations affects every aspect of human life, even the way to pee or to do number two.

Locals call the usual “western” style toilet, Allafrenga (in the French style) and the low one allaturka (in the Turkish style).

Over the years there has been a growing dissent among local population on the best way to defecate. Some think that in the Turkish style, the process is healthier. Others think that this kind of toilet represents backwardness and prefer the ‘French one’.

The mayor of Tirana once declared that he aimed to refurbish the public kindergartens because they were outdated. “Even the toilets are of the Turkish style”, he said, clearly indicating his preferences on the process.

So, for rustic restaurants, someone came up with the idea to let the client choose, and installed both toilets. Now it has become a trend. There are several toilets around the country offering such a choice between east and west. Perhaps this also means that clashes of civilizations are easily avoidable.