Albanians shocked by luxury birthday party for the head of the parliament

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March 28  

Albanians reacted with disgust and shock at the news that the head of the parliament Ilir Meta, hosted a glamour birthday party on especially build tend on the beach near his coast side villa attended by 600 guests from both left and right politics and as well businessmen and journalists.

The party, though to have cost several hundred thousand Euros was called “pharaonic” by some commentators. It showed the growing divide among the political establishment and the rest.

Meta, though to be among the richest men in the country, doesn’t formally acknowledge owning something more than some houses in Tirana and a villa in Lalzi Bay near Durres.

“There is not a better way to deride poor Albanians that such pompous birthday party,” commented a Facebook user.

Meta, a former heavy weight lifter, managed to become prime minister in 1999 for the socialist party in his early ‘30s. He created his own party in 2004 and joined with the right wing Democratic Party in 2009 before switching side again in 2013.

In 2011, a leaked video showed him discussing a possible 700 thousand Euros bribe for a hydropower plant concession with Dritan Prifti, minister of economy at that time.

Albania has 15 per cent of its population living with less than 2 USD per day while 60 per cent meets their ends with less than 5 USD per day.