March 4


US embassy warns citizens over explosions in Albania

US Embassy in Tirana issued a second security warning in Albania due to the increased number of explosions in the country.

“Recent Albanian media reports have highlighted the increased use of small explosive devices in targeted attacks against individuals involved in contentious business or personal disputes.  The devices have been used to target vehicles occupied by these individuals and have resulted in serious injuries and deaths,” the Embassy said.

“Although the U.S. Embassy has no specific information regarding threats directed against U.S. Citizens, we remind U.S. citizens to remain vigilant when parking vehicles in unattended parking lots, to avoid parking overnight in non-secure areas, and to visually inspect their parked vehicles for any suspicious items.  If any anomalies are found, do not tamper with the vehicle and contact police immediately,” it added.

Last year, the US embassy issued another warning but in that time, bombs had caused mostly minor damages.

During the last several months, scores of bombs known locally as “tritol” and often activated through mobile phones had caused panic among population targeting mostly cars but also buildings. There has been a number of victims, reported by police as “businessmen”.


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