March 4


Father of jobseeker attacks Albania MP with an egg

68 years old father of a jobseeker attacks an Albania Member of Parliament with an egg over disillusionment after his request for a job went unmet.

Petrit Vasili, head of the group of MPs for the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) was attacked by Mustafa Gjyzeli, while he was preparing to deliver a speech in front of cameras on national security issues at the gates of the presidential palace in Tirana.

The father of the jobseeker was immediately blocked by a group of bodyguards from the Republican Guard. According to local media, he told police under questioning that he attacked Mr. Vasili as result of general dismay from the political elite.

Albania has 480k jobs in non agricultural sector for 2 million working age population and finding a job is considered extremely difficult. About one in three employees work in public sector. LSI is a political party well known for distributing public jobs among its supporters disregarding formal hiring procedures.


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