March 3


Broadcasting watchdog ban Vodafone commercial over children exploitation

Albanian Broadcasting Watchdog AMA ordered immediate interruption of an Vodafone Albania commercial which shows a child few months old using G3 internet on a tablet.

“AMA ask from the broadcasters the immediate interruption of this spot”, AMA said in a press release.

The advertisement message is: “To not miss any smile, use Vodafone 3G”. It shows a child that cry over and over till the moment that he gets Vodafone tablet.

“AMA observes that this advert exert (negative) influence on children by encouraging them to purchase the device with 3G internet by this company. This violates the law, 97/2013 “On Audiovisual Broadcasting”, AMA said in its statement.

Vodafone continues to show this advert in its official YouTube channel.


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