Albania expels Gulenist teacher to Turkey
Albania State Police said it has "expelled" Harun Celik, 42 years old teacher, who has been arrested five months ago[...]
Last TV Shows Critical of Albanian Govt are Cancelled
Vladimir Karaj, Tirana, BIRN Photo Courtesy: BIRN August 29, 2019Two TV shows known for their critical coverage of Prime Minister[...]
Tricks to save money while traveling in Albania
Hi, we have seen how some foreigners face exorbitant costs while they visit Albania. Here are some advises on how[...]
Albanian twins absolved from charges for theft, police could not identify the culprit among them
Albanian twins arrested last year in Italy for multiple burglary were absolved from charges because experts summoned by the court[...]
Surrounded by Rising Waters, Villagers Protest “Ridiculous” Compensation
The Albanian Banja Hydro-Power plant is almost finished, but some villagers forced to abandon their homes in the project’s wake[...]
Party leaders in Albania under pressure over justice reform
US and EU Ambassadors stage showdown demanding fast approval of the much delayed constitutional reform that aims to clear out[...]
Asylum in Albania? No Thanks! Syrian Refuges Refuse Albania Offer
About 16 Syrian refugees caught by Albania police on Wednesday near the border with Greece, had refused the offer to[...]
US, EU Warn Albania Against Judicial Reform Delay
In strongly-worded remarks, the US and EU ambassadors to Tirana said constitutional changes to reform Albania's flawed justice system must[...]
Albania Economy Faces Uphill Road to Growth
Hopes for substantive growth rates for Albania were smashed again due to slow progress of the structural reforms, country Central[...]
Institucionet publike zhvillojnë tenderë problematikë për polici private
INVESTIGIM13 Nën 2015 Në rajonin e Korçës, vetëm gjatë vitit 2015, gjysma e tenderëve për shërbimin e ruajtjes së sigurisë[...]
Seeds of Street Art Sprout in Banjaluka
Banjaluka’s street art scene is small and under pressure, but local artists are trying to make graffiti and murals more[...]
IMF see no spillovers for Albania from Greek Crisis
As Athens defaulted last evening, for IMF mission in Albania all seemed to be “business as usual” without many concerns[...]
March 12th, 2015 Cash Position of $73 Million and 14% Increase in Oil Sales CALGARY, March 12, 2015 /CNW/ - Bankers[...]
World Bank to help improve quality, access, and efficiency of Albania’s health care system February 27, 2015 WASHINGTON, February 27,[...]
March 2nd, 2015 203 Million Barrels of Proved plus Probable (2P) Reserves including 11.3 Million Barrels of EOR Reserves;NPV of[...]
Italy on Alert Over Jihadist Threat From Balkans
Italian authorities are increasingly concerned by the number of radicalized Muslims emigrants from the Balkans joining the ranks of the[...]
Albanian Islamists Smuggled Italy’s ‘Lady Jihad’ to Syria
Maria Gulia Sergio, the Italian nicknamed ‘Lady Jihad’, traveled to Syria alongside her Albanian husband, Aldo Kobuzi, with the help[...]
IMF Executive Board Completes Second and Third Reviews under Extended Fund Facility Arrangement for Albania and Approves €58.8 Million Disbursement
Press Release No. 15/70 February 23, 2015 The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today completed the second[...]
IMF Executive Board Approves €1.2 billion Stand-By Arrangement for Serbia
Press Release No. 15/67 February 23, 2015 The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today approved a three-year,[...]